Setting seed: Rescuing Foote’s Grevillea

NACC NRM are thrilled to announce our new project which is now underway in the Northern Agricultural Region with support from the Australian Governments National Landcare Program!

Foote’s Grevillea (Grevillea calliantha) is endemic to our region, where it is known from only six populations within a range of eight kilometres. A partnership between NACC NRM and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) will monitor known Foote’s Grevillea habitat and collect seed to safeguard the genetic diversity of this species.

The project aims to halt the decline and improve the conservation and recovery of the species through improved management and threat abatement at known sites. The partnership enables propagation of seed stock and the revegetation at known sites, the establishment of a new population, and increased engagement of community and landholders to raise awareness and understanding of Foote’s Grevillea.

With the project now underway, DBCA Research Scientist Leonie Monks says DBCA is pleased to be working with NACC NRM to help recover this critically endangered species.

“The species is very striking when in flower. Unfortunately, it is one of the most threatened species in the Cataby area, occurring in just six locations,” said Ms Monks of the Grevillea which in spring, produces masses of dark red flowers.

The delivery of this project over the next two years directly aligns with the NAR Regional NRM Strategy priorities. These being; To maintain or increase populations of all threatened plants, animals and ecological communities, to undertake strategic revegetation in the NAR, to reduce the impact of priority invasive species on native biodiversity, and to increase community participation and capacity in the conservation of the region’s natural resources.

“These actions will help prevent the extinction of this beautiful plant,” said Ms Monks.

With seed collection commencing for this project, DBCA Research Scientist Dr Andrew Crawford says this is an exciting opportunity to have the managed establishment of a new translocation site while natural populations of Footes Grevillea decline.

“This project will provide for the continuation of the species through secure seed reserves into the future,” said Mr Crawford.

If you would like to learn more about Foote’s Grevillea, contact NACC NRM’s Programs & Operations Manager Kane Watson at (08) 9938 0106 or

Kane Watson – Programs & Operations Manager

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