Seeing nature through a child’s eyes

3Have you ever wondered what kids see when they look at the natural world around them? Well soon you might be able to find out thanks to a new project that will see the Greenough River Walk Trail signage decorated by artwork designed by local students and new interpretive signage.

The designs created by the students will inspire and educated walkers and be a permanent fixture that will include written credit to the students and schools involved.

As part of the project, students have been taken for an informative walk through the Greenough Walk Trail with NACC Aboriginal Liaison Officer and very talented local Aboriginal artist Bianca McNeair. Bianca led the students on an activity which taught them how to look at their environment as an Aboriginal artist would, looking closely at the patterns provided by leaves, seeds, shells and even animal and insect tracks.

“The quality of the artwork from the students was incredible, and I am so excited that their work and their view of the environment around them will be shared with the community,” said Bianca.

The project is supported by NACC, the City of Greater Geraldton, Beachlands Primary School, Flexi Learning Centre and St Mary’s School in Northampton, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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