Seeds and good deeds in Northampton

Things got seedy in Northampton earlier this month, at the Plant Identification and Seed collection workshop held recently.

Hosted by the Northampton Environmental Group (NEG), the Plant Identification and Seed Collection workshop encouraged local community members to collect seed from native and local provenance species found around Northampton.

Featured at the workshop was highly respected Permaculture experts Julie Firth from Drylands Permaculture and Yilgarn Seeds, who gave a very comprehensive and interactive presentation.


Ms Firth stressed to the audience the importance of accurate records and correct storage to make any seed collecting effort worthwhile; and covered the recognition of mature seed, seed viability and the sustainable methods used to increase biodiversity of different species without having a negative impact on the collection site.

The event funded by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council and Department of Parks and Wildlife attracted 14 enthusiastic participants who were keen to learn more about native seed identification and collection.

NEG’s treasurer Gus Boyland said: “It was a wonderful event and a great deal of valuable information was learnt by those in attendance.”

“We would like to thank Julie Firth for her excellent expertise; Deb Carson from the Shire of Northampton, Sylvia Raux for providing the meeting venue at the Northampton Historical Society and also assisting with food and refreshments for the day, as well as Allan Standering and Marlo Elsum-Beaumont for putting a lot of volunteer man-hour in planning and organising the day,” said Mr Boyland.

Following the success of this event, NEG will partner with NACC to run a follow-up event in January on propagation techniques so keep your eyes and ears open for more information about this event.

This event was supported by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council as part of the Regional Landcare Facilitator program, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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