Schools enthusiastically adopting Inland to Ocean

Rangeway Primary School Inland to Ocean promotion 2016

NACC has been out and about right across the region recently – from east to west – talking to local schools about the 2016 edition of NACC’s popular environmental education resource, Inland to Ocean.

Inland to Ocean is a workbook resource developed for primary schools in the Northern Agricultural Region, with a particular focus on educating Year 4-6 students about their natural environment.

The workbook covers a broad range of environmental topics, and engages young people to understand, care-about and look after our region’s natural assets from an early age, through fun, hands-on activities.

The newly-updated second edition, released earlier this month, which incorporates feedback from schools on the first edition, has been re-designed to comply with Australian Curriculum requirements. It comes with the added benefits of being both digital and freely-available.

Project coordinator Rolan Deutekom said that Inland to Ocean is “all about students learning about local environmental issues and having fun while doing so.

“One of the main aims of the resource is to make primary school students aware of the immense environmental wealth of the region and the pressures facing it,” he said.

“Another aim is to engage students from a young age and to get them inspired and involved in environmental education in an inquiry-based learning style, which will improve environmental stewardship.

“In other words, if they know more about what’s out there and how important it is, and in doing so, connect with their local environment, they are more likely to value and look after it.”

NACC has received considerable interest from schools in the Northern Agricultural Region, with many incorporating Inland to Ocean into their education plan.

Leading the way have been Rangeway Primary School and Mount Tarcoola Primary in Geraldton, with interest also coming from Wandina Primary School and several others.

Any schools which might like to make use of the second edition of Inland to Ocean are asked to please contact Rolan Deutekom at, or download your copy online.


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