Schools and Community Plant for the Environment

BuntineOn National Tree Day this year, students from the Latham and Buntine Primary Schools planted more than 2000 native trees and shrubs on John Harle’s property in Maya.

Teachers, parents and the local Northern Agricultural Catchments Council’s (NACC) team assisted the students to revegetate two hectares of wind-blown sandy soil adjacent to a significant patch of remnant vegetation.

Heather Legge, NACC’s Natural Resource Management Officer said, “If establishment is successful, this planting site will not only expand existing habitat for native species, but also act as a corridor, connecting to other isolated habitats.

“The day was a huge success, the attitude of all involved was fantastic. Everyone pitched in and worked hard and no one could believe how quickly all the seedlings were planted. It was planted by lunchtime.

“The tree planting and an associated activity on plant identification from NACC’s Inland to Ocean schools pack has helped the students identify important groups of local trees and shrubs”, said Ms Legge.

Ron Snook, a community member from Jurien Bay said, “The whole thing went well, and the kids, I was impressed with their ability… a credit to all involved”.

The day wouldn’t have been possible without the support from a number of community organisations. Moore Catchment Council and Yarra Yarra Catchment Council donated the trees and shrubs, Coates Hire Morawa donated a portable toilet, John Harle a community member and land owner of the planting site donated the food, Bruce Manual a local community member prepared the site for hand planting by ripping it.

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