Same boots, different fit

For those who I have not met yet, hello! I’m Alexia, the Communications Officer while Kym jet sets around the world for the next 12 months.

I have never really worked in a science-centric media environment before now, but, I had heard only good things about NACC in the past, and liked what I saw while working on the other end of the media spectrum, in the newsroom.

I started my media career in New Zealand, which flowed into news journalism opportunities in Perth, Western Australia, when I made the trans-Tasman move in 2012.

From there I worked for several media publications including The Western Independent and The Sunday Times.

In 2013 after graduating, I had unofficially decided to pack my bags and move to South America, but as they do, plans changed and I was offered a journalism position in the foreign land that is now my home, Geraldton.

I have previously worked as a Health, Environment, Charities and General News reporter at the local newspaper, The Geraldton Guardian, and through these news ‘rounds’, developed an interest in finding and sharing stories about people who do small things to improve their well-being and local environment.

Through this work, I became really interested in the concept of “eco-friendliness” and have developed a genuine desire to make small changes in my life to reduce my consumption and ultimately food waste.

For me, this has meant building on my own lifestyle choices to stop eating meat among other things like paper waste, recycling clothing, re-purposing old goods etc., so it felt like a bit of a confirmation to step into this role with NACC, who are quite literally, changing the world.

The band I recently joined featuring myself, Ryan Dunn and Todd Stokes
The band I recently joined featuring myself, Ryan Dunn and Todd Stokes

Behind the ‘glamourous’ media life I am a musician and spend a lot of my time writing and playing music around town.

I recently joined a band too! We do not have a name yet but we will be playing our first gig on August 23 in Geraldton – I will keep  you all posted.

I  also recently took part in the X Factor Australia competition- the adverts have starting screening for the show on Channel 7.

For everyone who has been around, you can see Kym has done the most outstanding job to build the NACC brand on a media front and her  boots will be very hard to fill.

Though I may not be able to replicate her work, I do hope to bring my background in journalism and  my understanding of the “news world” with me, as I jump feet-first into this very exciting new chapter.

Thanks to all who have already made me feel so welcome, and to those I have not met yet, I look forward to meeting and working with you.

 Alexia Parenzee
 Communications Officer


I didn’t know you were on X Factor! Can’t wait to see it.

Looking forward to working with you and I see you have already mastered publishing on the NACC’s new website 🙂

Great to have you back in town Alexia, and all the best with the new role!

All the best Alexia!

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