Saluting the Minister for Agriculture’s leadership on climate change adaptation

Climate Change – it’s a hot topic.

And hot on the heels of my column in last week’s NACC Notes about the need for all parties to pull together to help farmers adapt to changing climatic conditions ‘Adapting to a changing climate … with a little help from our friends’ came a call from the federal Minister for Agriculture, David Littleproud MP, for the federal and  state governments to also work together to “support adaptation to climate change in agriculture”.

In making the announcement, Minister Littleproud said the ‘coalition’ of Australia’s Ministers for Agriculture (AGMIN) are leading on the development of a new paper to provide national guidance to enable the agricultural sector to adapt to climate change. The paper will include information on:

  • Potential climate change scenarios and impacts over time.
  • Analysis of risks and opportunities presented by climate change to agricultural industries.
  • A description of current work on managing emissions in the agriculture sector.
  • A stocktake of approaches to adaptation across jurisdictions.
  • Proposed actions and a work program for a national approach to supporting the sector to adapt to climate change.

“We need to help farmers adapt and change as the climate changes, to protect our food production, our rural jobs and country towns,” said Minister Littleproud.

As I wrote in last week’s NACC Notes, a lot of this information is already available – on-hand in various state and federal government agencies – but it will be a monumental boost to have it all coalesced, and being championed by federal and state Ministers for Agriculture, and the federal government.

Regional NRM groups, including NACC, will be looking-out for the paper and for the information and resources mentioned above to add to the information that is already available such as the following from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

For farmers in the NACC NRM Region looking for more information, you can check-out the Climate Change section on our NARvis website, which includes some useful information specifically about on-farm adaptation options. We’ll be further updating this information in line with the new ‘Climate Change Adaptation for Agriculture’ paper as soon as it becomes available.

Richard McLellan


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