Safeguarding Midwest Flora: A Snapshot of Philotheca wonganensis

Over 100 priority species have been selected to help focus the efforts of the Australian Government and partners on threatened species recovery actions. Philotheca wonganesis is one of these priority species and is one of three priority species included in DBCA ‘Parks and Wildlife Service’ and NACC NRM partner project known as ‘Safeguarding Midwest Flora’. 

Philotheca wonganensis, also known as the Wongan Philotheca, is an erect shrub growing to 1 m high, with a number of erect branches arising from the base. Branches are slender with slender scattered leaves. Wongan Philotheca flowers are solitary and white, with a pink outer medial strip.  

Its distribution is highly restricted and is known from 6 populations within the shire of Wongan – Ballidu and a presumed extinct population within the Chapman Valley. The species grows in red soils associated with Greenschist in dense shrubland and open woodland. Species closely associated with its occurrence are Eucalyptus ebbanoensis, Eucalyptus loxophleba, Allocasuarina acutivalvis and Allocasuarina campestris

Photo: Andrew Crawford

DBCA and NACC NRM’s project hopes to improve the trajectory of this endangered species and DBCA in partnership with Botanical experts and Aboriginal Rangers have recently undertaken survey work and seed collection for potential future restoration and protection works.  

For information on this project, please contact NACC NRM’s Biodiversity Program Coordinator Jarna Kendle on

This project is supported by NACC NRM as part of the Threatened Species Strategy Action Plan through funding from the Australian Government.

Jarna Kendle – Biodiversity Program Coordinator

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