Safeguarding Midwest Flora: A Snapshot of Eremophila subangustifolia

100 priority species have been selected to help focus the efforts of the Australian Government and partners on threatened species recovery actions. Eremophila subangustifolia is one of these priority species and is one of three priority species included in NACC NRM and DBCA’s partner project known as ‘Safeguarding Midwest Flora’.

Listed as Critically Endangered Eremophila subangustifolia has a stunning pale lilac coloured flower with a white inner tube scattered with mauve to fawn spots, it has a spreading habit when mature and is a delight to all when encountered in its natural habitat.

It occurs within the Geraldton Sandplains bioregion and has a highly restricted distribution known from only one location, which is comprised of two narrowly separated populations. The separation of these populations is only due to historic clearing. This limited occurrence compounds the many threats to Eremophila subangustifolia including periodic flooding, road and fence maintenance, farming practices, weeds, changed fire regimes and low genetic diversity.

NACC NRM and DBCA’s project hopes to improve the trajectory of this critically endangered species before it is too late. We have survey work, seed collection, and weed control planned.  

For information on this project, please contact NACC NRM’s Biodiversity Program Coordinator Jarna Kendle on

This project is supported by NACC NRM as part of the Threatened Species Strategy Action Plan through funding from the Australian Government.

Kane Watson – Programs & Operations Manager

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