Riverside: A sanctuary for wildlife

Riverside farm owners Bob and Dawn Porter have recently completed fencing more than 500 ha of remnant vegetation on their property located just 100 kilometres north of Geraldton and 80 kilometres east of Kalbarri.

This farm features a protected section of the Murchison River and much time has been invested into rehabilitating and protecting the natural landscape to create a sanctuary for wildlife.

More than a decade ago, Bob and Dawn noticed the environmental degradation on their property from many years of soil tillage compounded by erosion and compaction from sheep. The health of many areas of remnant vegetation was also declining. They began revegetating and fencing, and the property has now won Landcare awards for its efforts and the wildlife has returned in abundance

The recently completed fencing will help to prevent livestock from grazing on the native vegetation and will ensure long term maintenance of the remnant vegetation as well as weed and erosion control. Bob believes fencing remnant vegetation is vital to protect our local environment, and plans to continue fencing all the remaining remnant bush land on his property.

Vanessa Brown, NACC’s Bushcare Officer, visited the property to inspect the completed fencing, and said Bob and Dawn’s work would now help to ensure the protection of quality bush land for many generations to come.

The dedicated couple are also volunteers for the Northampton Environmental Group and are passionate about the diverse array of wildflowers that grow on their property.

They have enjoyed the use of a motion camera sensor, loaned through NACC’s Feral Fix Project, and often take a look through the photos to see who, or what, has visited the property. Kangaroos, birds, echidnas, cats, foxes, and even a deer have been spotted.

This project is supported by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council through funding from the Australian Government National Landcare Program.


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