“Right people, right places” – All aboard for the NACC journey

Here at NACC, everyone in the team is currently “head-down and bum-up”, busily wrapping-up the last loose ends of our FY12-15 Strategic Plan, and simultaneously developing a new plan to guide our activities and outcomes for the next three years.

Our new strategy will necessitate a few changes to our priorities, projects and programs, as well as some changes to our personnel – but not in terms of the talented team that we already have working for us now, but more-so in terms of their specific work-plans and deliverables. Fortunately, we know we have “the right people, in the right places”, to achieve all of the objectives (and more) that we have set ourselves for accomplishment over the next three years.

Black and White photo of Richard McLellan, NACC CEO.
Richard McLellan, NACC CEO.

Helping to guide this strategic direction, the organisation is very fortunate to have at hand the expertise of a very experienced and constructive Board, the members of which continuously provide excellent guidance and sage oversight on all of our activities.

This year, we have an opportunity to add to this experience – to add to the range of skills that the Board brings to our organisation – with the biennial election of Directors now underway. As you will see elsewhere in NACC Notes, we have a Board election coming-up in a couple of months … but the real date to take a note of is 31 August – the closing date for membership confirmation and nominations.

At this early stage in the process, I want to urge any member of the community who’d like to make a positive contribution to our organisation, and to our mission, to consider submitting a nomination. Although I was told recently that a good Board Director should bring “Talent and Treasure” to their organisation, the truth is that a wide range of skills are required to ensure any organisation continues to grow, improve and evolve, and get the most out of its Board of Directors.

Therefore my closing ask is simple: If you think you have the skills, passion, and commitment to progress sustainable natural resource management across our region, then please consider submitting a nomination for the NACC Board. Please give it some serious thought, and follow the “how to” information provided in NACC Notes and other media in the coming weeks.

Richard McLellan


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