Reveg-Elation! 2020 Planting Underway

As the days are getting colder and the winter rain has started to fall across the Northern Agricultural Region, NACC NRM’s Biodiversity team are celebrating the first of 2020’s Gnow or Never revegetation setting down its roots on Jeremy Brooks’ Yuna property.
Bill Davey owner, George Herbert planter, Lear Distel tractor driver

After undertaking both fencing and revegetation on his Yuna property over two years, Jeremy Brooks’ project will protect 305 hectares and revegetate 40.3 hectares on his Yuna property which is located in well-known Malleefowl country.

Bill Davey and his team planted a diverse mix of local provenance seedlings with the aim of rehabilitating the site and providing suitable Malleefowl habitat. Twenty five species and over 32,000 seedlings were planted. Bill’s team took an impressive 5 days to get them all in the ground.

Malleefowl are found in semi-arid to arid shrub lands and low woodlands, especially those dominated by Mallee and or acacia species.

Malleefowl habitat in the Midwest and Wheatbelt of Western Australia has been largely affected by clearing and habitat fragmentation which make projects such as Jeremy’s vital in protecting this species well into the future.

If you would like to know more about NACC NRM’s Malleefowl project ‘Gnow or Never’ contact Bushcare Officer Jarna Kendle on or 0448 984 899. 

This project is funded by the Australian Governments National Landcare Program. 

Jarna Kendle – Bushcare Officer

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