Reporting Pests on Your Property

With long hours in the paddocks, harvest is a good opportunity to be on the lookout for pests and pest damage on your properties. Please take a few minutes to report any significant findings to the relevant group.

Australian Plague Locust and Grasshoppers

Reports have come in from several localities within the NAR (including Perenjori, Coorow, Eneabba and Coomberdale) of significant activity of immature Australian plague locusts (APL hoppers). In addition, sand grasshoppers have also been reported in the Coorow area.

DPIRD have released a Pestfax update for October with all the details of how to correctly identify the grasshoppers, which is important for making well informed decisions for both crop and pasture management. Earlier intervention can be most effective while locusts are still at hopper stage, so please be vigilant.

Full information and links to identification resources can be accessed here:

Please report any APL hatchings to the PestFax team by using DPIRD’s PestFax Reporter app

For more information contact DPIRD’s research scientist Svetlana Micic, Albany on +61 (0)8 9892 8591 or 

Mice Monitoring

GRDC and CSIRO have just released their October Mouse Update with management recommendations and an update which includes WA.

Mouse numbers have fallen in most areas but please remain vigilant and actively monitor any mouse activity. Mouse chew cards are a useful tool at this time of year. Mouse numbers are expected to peak during Autumn.

Please report and map mouse activity using MouseAlert ((

Other Pests

This harvest, our local biosecurity groups are also calling for reports of any crop damage caused by pests, mainly vertebrates, on your farm. Reports are vital to direct the activities and control programs and ensure the accuracy of management strategies. 

Reports of activity/damage from species this season, including feral pigs, feral deer, rabbits, kangaroos, and emus.

Central Wheatbelt Biosecurity Group- 0473 163 050

Midlands Biosecurity Group- 0429 446 515

Northern Biosecurity Group- 0427 898 160 

Annabelle Garratt – Regional Landcare Agriculture Facilitator

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