Regional Vision and Goals for Biodiversity Conservation

A big part of updating with regional natural resource management strategy for the Northern Agricultural Region, NARvis, was checking in with NRM folks all around the region to update the vision and goal statements under each theme.

Our new vision and goal statements cover the time between July 2021 and June 2030. One hundred and fifty-two people representing a least 80 different groups and organisations provided their input into developing the vision and goals under the Biodiversity Conservation theme. These dedicated folks contributed through one in-person workshop, two online workshops and two online surveys. The new 2030 vision for Biodiversity Conservation in the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR) is:

There are five goals in the Biodiversity Conservation theme, all defined by the community here in the NAR. When you visit the Biodiversity Conservation NRM Goals page on NARvis, you can view a list of the kinds of activities that could contribute to achieving each goals. These activities were drawn from previous versions of the strategy and from the discussions with the NRM community during the consultation process. The goals in the Biodiversity Conservation theme are:

To find out more about NARvis, have a good look at all the actions under the Biodiversity Conservation vision and goals or to connect with a local NRM group in your area, visit

Dr. Amanda Bourne – Senior Conservation Planning Officer

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