Refining the Region’s NRM Goals and Strategies

With the aid and input of key partner organisations and stakeholder groups, NACC is currently refining the regional NRM goals on NACC’s online strategy website NARvis − and setting strategies to support their implementation.

The goals are considered essential by NACC to ensure that the region’s limited funding adequately supports community priorities, and clearly defines common goals and strategies for natural resource management (NRM).

Workshops have been held refining goals for biodiversity, coastal and marine, water and aboriginal engagement themes. Future workshops are planned for August to further develop biodiversity, community and agricultural objectives.

The updates to all the strategies will be available for comment on NARvis from September. Updated news about projects that are working to meet these targets will also be presented on NARvis.

If you would like to promote your project and the great NRM work that you are doing in the region, please add your project to the NARvis map by completing the simple online form. Your project will then be shown on our project map.

Once the strategies and goals have been finalised, all projects on the NARvis project map will be linked to each of the NRM strategy goals and, in so doing, give an indication of how the region is tracking to meet them.

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