Reconciliation Week: Investing in a common prosperous future

“Our history, Our story, Our future” is the thought-provoking theme for this year’s National Reconciliation Week, which runs from Friday 27 May to Friday 3 June.

I hope it’s not just thought-provoking though. I hope it’s a call to action for everyone in the region, and indeed all Australians, to better work towards a shared prosperous future.

Here at NACC, we take Aboriginal participation in our work – and in natural resource management more generally – very seriously, and do our best to incorporate it into all of our programs and activities.

Among our many initiatives, we implement one of the most acclaimed projects of its kind in the country – Capacity Building for Indigenous Prison Inmates Projectwhich is cited as a role-model case study in Canberra, and which I had the pleasure of joining last week. It truly was an enlightening and rewarding experience.

You can read more about that particular project – which I call a “win, win, win” project, or a first-hand account from one of the prisoners: “This project changed my life,” he said.

NACC is fortunate to have as our Aboriginal Liaison Officer Malgana woman Bianca McNeair, who hails from Gatharagudu country (Shark Bay).

Bianca is leading NACC’s internal Aboriginal capacity-building and reconciliation process, as well as our efforts in the broader community.

Getting arty for National Reconciliation Week.
Getting arty for National Reconciliation Week.

Look-out for Bianca this week at some of the Reconciliation Week’s events being conducted in and around Geraldton.

Bianca, and fellow Aboriginal Participation Team member Greg Burrows, will be at the City of Greater Geraldton Reconciliation Week event at the QEII centre (on Tuesday 31 May 2016 – from 11am to 2pm), showcasing Aboriginal participation in natural resource management. See more details on their website. 

Bianca will be asking everyone who turns-up to reflect on “How do you care for country?” It’s a question we should all be asking of ourselves … all the time. And acting on it.

That would certainly help take some way towards that common prosperous future that’s part of my vision for this country.

Did you know?

Reconciliation Week commemorates the 1967 Referendum (held on 27 May 1967: to include Aboriginal people in the census and to allow the Commonwealth Government to make laws for Aboriginal people), and the Mabo decision (3 June 1992: legal acknowledgement of Aboriginal Native Title of Australia and dispelling of the ‘terra nullius” claim), which are both hugely significant events in Australian Aboriginal history.


Richard McLellan


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It’s a good opportunity to talk about and acknowledge what has happened since white settlement and then work together for a shared vision for Australia. No blame or guilt just acknowledge our history and then join together in one Australia

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