Rangers Come Together on Naaguja Country

On Monday 8 April, NACC NRM’s Aboriginal Custodianship team collaborated with Naaguja Warangkarri Aboriginal Corporation (NWAC) to host our Midwest Aboriginal Ranger Program (MARP) Regional Meeting!

Aboriginal Ranger Teams from Kwelena Mambakort Aboriginal Corporation, the Department of Conservation and Biodiversity and Attractions (DBCA), and Western Mulga came together at the NACC NRM Enterprise Hub, where Naaguja Elder June Councillor opened the day with a Welcome to Country. June spoke about the importance of keeping language and culture alive and invited each attendee to introduce themselves in their language.

NACC NRM Programs and Operations Manager Kane Watson provided the group with an update on recent activities, projects, and events, before passing the baton to each Ranger Team to share their recent achievements in caring for Country.

NACC NRM Programs and Operations Manager Kane Watson sharing recent NACC NRM happenings.

The group then headed out to NWAC’s headquarters in Chapman Valley, where June Welcomed all to Country at Jooldarnoo Farm. The Naaguja ladies created a yarning circle, which allowed for open discussion about the importance of the Ranger Teams’ work; working on Country, caring for Country, and how this kind of work helps with staying grounded and balanced.

It was then time to split into two groups, men and women. The women spent time with Patty and Rayleen Councillor, sharing women’s wisdom. DBCA Rangers Patrick Councillor and Dion Harris led the men to share at a significant men’s site.

The groups came together in a yarning circle and talked about their personal experiences throughout the day and the positivity and pride that comes from their work and from learning on Country.

A yarning circle was created to encourage the sharing of ideas and knowledge.

Western Mulga Ranger Blake Mamid said he got a lot out of the day.

“It was a very informative day, and I really enjoyed getting out on Country to learn from the Naaguja Elders,” said Blake.

With another great MARP Regional Meeting wrapped, NACC NRM would like to thank our friends at Naaguja Warangkarri Aboriginal Corporation for being amazing hosts; we look forward to our next regional meeting.

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