Putting the CAP on coastal impacts

Ben Bassett from the Department of Planning speaking at the CAP Information Forum
Ben Bassett from the Department of Planning speaking at the CAP Information Forum

Rising sea levels could not wash away the voices of Geraldton as over 50 community members from the region attended the Coastal Adaptation Planning (CAP) Information Forum at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre last night.

The Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC), in partnership with the City of Greater Geraldton (CGG), Coastwest Grants Program and Midwest Ports Authority hosted the forum to provide information on developing effective adaptation strategies to address coastal impacts such as erosion and inundation caused by rising sea levels and increasing storm intensity.

The forum boasted speakers from the CGG, Department of Planning, M P Rogers & Associates PL and NACC’s Coastal and Marine Project Coordinator including Mike Dufour, Ben Bassett, Clint Doak and Dr Mic Payne respectively. NACC’s Aboriginal Liason Officer Bianca McNeair spoke on behalf of  Donna Ronan (Minangu) about connection to coast and all were welcomed to country by Amangu Elder Robert Ronan.

CGG’s Mike Dufour said: “Part of the planning process (CHRMAP) is to liase with the community to make sure we are making the right decisions. The CGG therefore plan to set the scene for the next few years with a variety of community workshops.”

Vanessa McGuiness, Coastal and Marine Project Officer at NACC said: “It was great to see so many members of the Geraldton community attend the CAP Information Forum which provided knowledge and resources regarding the coastal hazards affecting the community and the ongoing planning process within the CGG area.”

At the end of the forum Dr Mic Payne promoted the creation of a Geraldton-wide Coastcare group, with support from NACC, connecting a larger network of Coastcarers to develop significant projects in the region that address some of Geraldton’s coastal issues.

For more information regarding these projects please contact Dr. Mic Payne on Ph 9938 0123 or email michael.payne@nacc.com.au.

MEDIA CONTACT: kym.jefferies@nacc.com.au or call 9938 0124.

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