Rivers and Wetlands

Dry river bed


NACC’s Rivers and Wetlands project has supported private landholders to restore vegetation along rivers, creeks and wetlands.

The land around rivers and wetlands is not only beautiful but also fragile and valuable.

Waterways in the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR) provide important habitat and food sources for native flora and fauna. However, permanent and seasonal water also often supports invasive weeds, attracts pests and can be used as stock watering points causing erosion and water contamination.

On-ground works have included fencing to protect remnant vegetation and exclude stock from sensitive areas, weed control, revegetation and installation of alternative watering points and stock crossings.

Through the life of the program, NACC has protected over 3,300 ha of riparian land across the NAR, and a further 1264 ha are committed to being protected.

Funding for this project is now fully committed however we encourage interested land holders to contact your local NRMO to find out about other incentive projects.

This project is supported by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council through funding from the Australian Government.

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