Regional Landcare Facilitator

Under the National Landcare Programme the Australian Government funds a Regional Landcare Facilitator (RLF) position in each of the 56 natural resource management regions across Australia.

The RLF for the Northern Agricultural Region worked out of the NACC’s Geraldton Office, but travels throughout the region to work with community landcare groups, grower groups and related community organisations to support and improve their capacity in activities that lead to sustainable agricultural and environmental outcomes.

The role is guided by a Project Reference Group comprising of representatives from a cross-section of the community including landcare and grower groups, community representatives and Department of Agriculture and Food.

Under the current Australian Government arrangement, 20 per cent of the RLF budget is allocated to local activities that will lead to an increase in engagement and capacity of local people to adopt sustainable land management practices. This means that landcare and grower groups, and relevant community groups will have access to funding so that they can continue to undertake activities that are identified by the community themselves that align with the RLF and NACC strategic priorities, and are not funded by other programs.

Other types of support that the RLF can provide to the community include:

  • Provide assistance and advice to landcare groups in their program planning and small grant application writing
  • Promote local groups’ project activities and outcomes through NACC’s regular newsletter
  • Provide funding subsidies for individuals (not paid staff) in the region to attend State/National NRM conference
  • Link groups with appropriate expertise or high profile speakers
  • Support groups in organising their events.


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