Maintaining Community Capacity

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NACC NRM’s Maintaining Community Capacity project directly supports community groups and organisations in the Midwest to transition to a structure that reduces the reliance on volunteer labour.

Reducing the demand on volunteers allows groups to allocate more resources to strategic planning for drought resilience, and increase their availability and capability to engage in funding and consultation rounds.

The Maintaining Community Capacity project was funded through the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR)’s Community Impact Program. This program is designed to support community members and not-for-profit organisations in remote, rural, and regional Australia to drive local action that helps prepare for drought. It is part of the Australian Government’s commitment through the Future Drought Fund to support Australian agricultural communities to build drought resilience.

Under the same initiative, NACC NRM also provides administration support to other projects funded in the Midwest through the Community Impact program, the Midwest Food Industry Alliance (MWFIA)’s Healthy Lifestyles Project, and the Southern Rangelands Pastoral Alliance (SRPA)’s Peer to Peer Learning Project.

Healthy Lifestyles Project – MWFIA

This project focuses on areas that are directly affected by food quality and availability in the Midwest, with the aim of engaging people to understand what they can control when it comes to food consumption and production in drought conditions. The key outcome is to change attitudes toward drought preparedness when it comes to the basic needs of rural and remote communities and recognise that locally sourced food and reduction of waste can ultimately lower the effect of drought on food availability and quality in the regions.

Peer to Peer Learning Project – SRPA

This project tells the stories of existing projects that help to build resilience in the pastoral region using emerging technology to allow remote engagement in activities that highlight existing work, showcase pride in community, and celebrate achievements. These initiatives help to remove the need for pastoralists to travel considerable distances in order to engage in projects and activities within their industry.

These projects are supported by FRRR, through funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

For more information, please contact NACC NRM’s Sustainable Agriculture Program Coordinator Callum Love.

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Maintaining Community Capacity

Maintaining Community Capacity is an important outcome for the sustainability of the Agricultural sector in our region, and also happens…

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