Pyp Grass Control

The coastal dune systems and reserves in Cervantes and Jurien Bay are under threat from an aggressive invader: Pyp Grass (Ehrhata villosa).

Pyp Grass was introduced from South Africa in the 1960’s for its sand-binding properties, however it is now one of the worst environmental weeds in Western Australia.  Pyp Grass infestations reduce biodiversity, and its shallow root structure means that dunes are more susceptible to erosion.

In Cervantes and Jurien Bay, Pyp Grass is being eradicated from coastal dunes in accordance with the relevant management plan below.  This project has the support of the Shire of Dandaragan, the Jurien Bay Regional Herbarium Group and Cervantes Coastcare group.

Pyp Grass control in Guilderton is being undertaken in accordance with the relevant management plan below.  This project is supported by the Moore Catchment Council, Guilderton Community Association and Shire of Gingin.

Cervantes Pyp Grass Management Plan (2012)

Jurien Bay Pyp Grass Management Plan (2014)

Guilderton Pyp Grass Management Plan (2016)

To view pyp grass monitoring photo’s on the Photomon Photo-viewer, please click here>

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Great progress, but keep your eye on it as some is sure to regenerate with summer rains

What does pyp grass look like up close? Should we pull it out if we see it in our area?

Hi Michelle, If you open one of the Pyp Grass Management Plans on this page you will find some information on how to identify Pyp Grass. NACC’s Coastal Plants app (a free download on iTunes and Google Play) also has information on this weed. Yes, you should pull it out as it is very invasive so will take over.

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