Ameliorating Sub-Soil Acidity

The innovation project is a series of sites demonstrating different methods of ameliorating sub-soil acidity with the aim of supporting the promotion and uptake of this sustainable and innovative farm practice to enhance the management of the Northern Agricultural Region’s (NAR) natural resources.

NACC is working with the Department of Food and Agriculture Western Australia (DAFWA) as well as the community to establish four innovative demonstrations that promote the long term amelioration and management of sub-soil acidity to support sustainable production and management of the finite natural resources of the NAR. Through the project, NACC aims to increase the number of landholders engaging in more effective soil acidity management practices and facilitate peer to peer learning to increase the effectiveness of sub-soil acidity management in the NAR.

Demonstrations sites are being delivered through consultation with DAFWA and local farming entities within the NAR through funding from the Australian Governments’ National Landcare Programme. These sites will investigate the effectiveness of different limes rates and incorporation methods relative to each other to demonstrate the best amelioration technique for a range of soil types and rainfall zones across the NAR.

The site locations are.

  • Site 1- Binnu
  • Site 2- Yuna
  • Site 3- Bowgada
  • Site 4- Latham

More information about each of these projects will be put onto Agtrialsites, a cross regional NRM WA initiative that aims to provide information on sustainable agriculture projects across Western Australia.

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