Healthy Estuaries

Estuaries represent the interface between rivers and the ocean. They are biologically productive ecosystems and often very attractive landscapes, making them popular locations for coastal settlements. Most estuaries of the NAR are places of great significance for Aboriginal people.

Increased urbanisation as well as extensively cleared catchment areas for agriculture have impacted severely on NAR estuaries. Increased sediment, nutrients and recreational pressures have affected these important ecosystems.

Communities are always passionate about their local estuaries and one way they can get involved in caring for them is to assist with regular water quality monitoring. The Healthy Estuaries project supports communities to conduct estuary monitoring and ensures the data is available to estuary managers to inform their decisions.

To find out how you can get involved, drop us a line.

In 2012/13, NACC conducted a series of workshops in partnership with the Department of Water to highlight management priorities and community concerns regarding the major estuaries of the NAR. The video below summarises the findings of these workshops as do the reports below that.

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