Feral Fix

Calling expressions of interest for all land managers in the NAR!

Feral Fix: Feral Animal Education and Control provides a strategic regional approach to integrated feral animal management across the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR).

This project aims to improve community capacity and increase the number of land managers adopting more coordinated approaches to feral animal management.

Cage traps and motion sensor camera loans, together with support for baiting and shooting events will reduce the effects of cats, foxes, pigs and rabbits on biodiversity assets, including threatened fauna, flora, birds and reptiles. Agricultural productivity will also benefit from this through reduced loss of lambs from cat/fox kills and by the reduced impact of rabbits/pigs on crops and pastures.

Community engagement activities and dissemination of information, together with collaboration between project partners and other agencies will provide the community with the most up-to-date and relevant information on feral animal management.

Expression of Interest – Land managers in the Northern Agricultural Region!

Do you have bushland that needs protection from feral animals? Would you benefit from the use of motion sensor cameras, cage traps, or funding for baiting? Whether it be on your property or a local community reserve or creekline, NACC wants to work with communities and land managers to protect natural areas from feral animal impacts.

For more information or to express your interest contact NACC’s Biodiversity Coordinator Jessica Stingemore (E) jessica.stingemore@nacc.com.au (P) 9938 0106.

This project is supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program, supported by Royalties for Regions.




A dry year is a year for some land management. A Feral Fix push is a major part of that. Carnamah district could do with a more coordinated approach. There’s a handful of us that bait regularly for foxes. Some farmers have dropped the ball because ‘we don’t run sheep’. Rabbit numbers are low. But CATS! So hard to trap. (though I did get one two weeks ago – not before she lead my dog on a merry dance).

Hi Paulina

Great message. Good catch. I need to get a bigger cat trap and to use the right attractant – is any old chicken wing successful, or does it need to be fresh or cooked in some way?

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