Farm Planning

As part of NACC’s commitment to supporting sustainable agriculture in the Northern Agricultural Region, NACC is working with individual land managers to develop tailored natural resource management (NRM) farm plans.

NACC NRM farm plans aim to provide land managers with tools and information to increase the viability and resilience of the natural resources on their farm, manage any issues identified, and encourage the adoption of sustainable land management practices to meet the challenges of changing environmental conditions into the future.

Each plan reflects the individual needs and priorities of the farm and land manager, however all of the plans are set out to provide key information about the farm, what work that has previously been done, what current issues and concerns exist and possible mitigation measures.

Current farm plans address issues such as wind erosion, managing weeds and pests, pasture management, salinity, soil acidity, non-wetting soils, and unproductive land management.

Local NRM Officers work one on one with the land manager to develop the farm plan and connect land managers with contacts, information, and funding opportunities that may support in implementation of the farm plan.

Currently, only land managers involved in the delivery of farm demonstration sites are eligible to receive a farm plan. If you would like to receive updates or further information on farm plans please contact a member of NACC’s Sustainable Agriculture team.

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