“Dreamtime” by Amangu Artist Wayne Ronan

As the first natural resource managers of the land we live and work on today, NACC supports our local Aboriginal community to care for country, to ensure it can be enjoyed by everybody, especially our future generations.

To reflect this visually, NACC worked with local Amangu Artist Wayne Ronan to produce “Dreamtime” – an image NACC is proudly using to acknowledge the unique Traditional Ecological Knowledge that Aboriginal people have in supporting our regions natural assets.

The eye capturing image depicts Wayne’s Traditional Ecological Knowledge of the Yamaji region that he calls home.

“The circle’s represents the ocean and rivers. The hills represent my country and my ancestors. I have relied on all of these since I was a child. They help keep me alive and confirm my intuition. I am always learning and have many more lessons to learn.”
– Amangu Artist Wayne Ronan

Local Aboriginal Elder Rob Ronan said: “Aboriginal Art has so much meaning that most people don’t see; every line means something to us.”

“Knowledge is one of the most important things [to us] growing up, you never stop learning and never know when that knowledge can help you.”

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