Coastal Native Garden Guides

NACC has produced two garden guides which aim to encourage community to grow native plants in their gardens.

The Northern Agricultural Region (NAR) of Western Australia is renowned for its stunning floral arrays from late winter to early summer, when vistors come from far and wide to visit and photograph this natural marvel.

Through smart plant choices, our gardens can play an important role in helping to preserve and restore our unique plants and wildlife.

Native species are more likely to be water-wise and lower maintenance than non-native plant species. By planting a native garden, you provide habitat for native wildlife and reduce the spread of weeds, which often “escape” from local gardens.

The Coastal Native Garden Guide includes a long list of species known to grow well in coastal locations throughout the NAR, whilst the Inland Native Garden Guide provides a selection of species suited to inland areas.

Both guides provide simple advice for the successful planning and implementation of your next native garden.

The Inland and Coastal Native Garden Guides are available at most local government offices and other locations throughout the NAR for a gold coin donation.

Map Your Native Garden

Coastal Native Garden Guide
Guilderton to Kalbarri


Inland Native Garden Guide
Gingin to Yuna

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