Beach Wrack Quantification Study

Beach wrack, also known as sea wrack, refers to all natural material that washes up from the sea into the surf zone and onto our beaches.

Beach wrack plays a significant role in coastal ecosystem by contributing to coastal productivity and reducing erosion.

Two studies have been undertaken with the aim of quantifying the amount of beach wrack washing up onto Geraldton beaches.

The first study, completed in 2014, demonstrates the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to survey wrack deposition on Geraldton beaches and a cost/benefit calculation for this method of survey. View the report here.

The second study, completed in 2016 in partnership with Edith Cowan University, explores the use of existing data from NACC’s beach photo-monitoring program to quantify beach wrack. This report is here.

For more information:

The Wonders of Weed – Beach wrack information sheet

“Beach Wrack – What’s not to like” interpretive sign

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