Community Photo-monitoring

NACC has teamed up with a number of coastal local governments and community volunteers to monitor over 90 coastal sites between Guilderton and Kalbarri. Volunteers take regular photos at these sites, which are then uploaded to an online database.

Central to the program is the smartphone app Photomon, which has been developed by NACC to reduce the administrative burden usually associated with photo-monitoring programs.

The app includes immediate photo labelling and upload, and site specific ghosted reference photos to ensure all photos have a consistent field of view, which allows more accurate measurement of environmental change.

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NACC would like to thank our Australian App developer Appiphany Pty Ltd

Photo-monitoring is an effective way to document environmental change over time, thereby providing historical information to aid decision-making by resource managers.

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We are seeking an application to improve our photopoint monitoring on restoration projects. We are a for-profit environmental consulting company based up in Canada (eh!).

Enquiring about the cost of the app – we would be using it on our field iPads.

With thanks,
Warren Fleenor, Biologist.
Current Environmental

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