Appreciate Your Beach Program

NACC undertakes a range of community activities aimed at increasing awareness of our coasts and some of the threats they face.

Most West Australians love the beach but how many of us know about the finer details of this amazing ecosystem.

NACC’s popular interpretative beach walks offer a great way to learn with NACC staff who spend a couple of hours on the beach discussing the importance of beach wrack, coastal flora and fauna and coastal processes.

Get in touch if you are interested in attending or hosting one of these.


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Angela Bickerstaffe

Good afternoon

I am writing from the City of Mandurah, Western Australia. We are very much keen to print off and display/make available the Beach Wrack Poster under your Resource area. Do you have any objections with the City doing this?

thank you


Sorry for the delay in replying. Yes, you are most welcome to use that resource.


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