Prioritising On-Farm Revegetation Work

This month the NACC NRM Biodiversity team have been busy assessing potential sites for on-ground work as part of the Malleefowl protection project.

NACC NRM Bushcare Officer Jarna Kendle headed out in the field last week joined by Ian Pulbrook from Greenoil Nursery to check out sites that may be eligible for NACC’s Gnow or Never incentives.

The sites are all within the known habitat range of Malleefowl and are under pressure from degradation and without intervention, many could deteriorate and impact arable soils within the farm’s production system.

On-farm revegetation offers many benefits including controlling erosion, reducing rising water tables, slowing down secondary salinity, limiting downstream sedimentation and providing healthy habitats for native flora and fauna – just to name a few!

NACC’s Malleefowl protection project aims to restore and safeguard habitat for these incredible birds while simultaneously working with landholders to achieve positive outcomes for both the environment and agriculture. To date, this project has provided incentives that have led to the strategic revegetation of 225 hectares of degraded land. In addition, 690 hectares of bushland across the Northern Agricultural Region has been fenced and protected as part of this project.

Planning is an essential part of on-farm revegetation and to help landholders achieve the best outcomes, NACC NRM and Gundawa have teamed up to deliver two workshops planned for February. ‘Setting On-Farm Revegetation Priorities’ will be held in Dalwallinu on the 3rd of February and Morawa on the 4th of February and will feature guest speakers Dean Revell, Jenny Borger and Dustin McCreery.

To find out more about NACC NRM incentives or to register your interest in our workshops, please contact Bushcare Officer Jarna Kendle at or by calling (08) 9938 0108 or 0448 984 899.

Jarna Kendle – Bushcare Officer

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