Pressing Matters in Geraldton

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Thanks to increased community recycling, a handy baler machine and this great partnership, a one-tonne bale of plastic has just been compressed for the first time in Geraldton.

The pressure was on at the Tip Shop recently, as MEEDAC compressed its first bale of Type 1 and 2 recyclable plastic.

About 44 bin loads of plastic were used to create the mammoth bale, weighing in at about one tonne.

Although designed to compress plastic, the baler at the Tip Shop flexed a few new muscles as it had only ever been used to compress cardboard.

Milton Milloy, MEEDAC’s Business Development Manager, said: “It has been a big learning curve for the boys working on the plastic recycling, but the project is going really well.”

“MEEDAC is proud to be a part of providing this community service, and helping Geraldton to become more sustainable.”

NACC’s Sustainability Coordinator Emma Jackson said recycling in Geraldton was at an all-time high thanks to increased community awareness, and fantastic collaboration and partnerships such as this one.

“It’s great that MEEDAC have been able to come on board to collect, bale and transport Geraldton’s plastic to be recycled. It means that community are able to recycle their plastic, cardboard, aluminium cans and unwanted goods all at the same place.”

MEEDAC recycling team (left to right): Milton, Quentin, Richard and Matt.
MEEDAC recycling team (left to right): Milton, Quentin, Richard and Matt.

Being able to create one tonne bales of recycled plastic, increases the amount of plastic that is able to be trucked to Perth in each load. This in turn reduces the environmental footprint and transport costs associated with recycling.

Hot tips for the urban recycler:

  • Check the recycling number – only plastic bottles type 1 and 2 can be recycled in Geraldton
  • Remove any lids
  • Empty and clean containers

If you would like to recycle your plastic, community recycling bins can be found at the following locations:

  • NEW Geraldton Civic Centre – 63 Cathedral Avenue (at the back)
  • NEW Geraldton Recycling Centre (Tip Shop) – 61 Landfill Lane Narngulu
  • Caltex Sunset Beach – 620 Chapman Road
  • City Hive / Pollinators – 184 Marine Terrace
  • Geraldton Surf Life Saving Club – 260 Willcock Drive
  • John Batten Community Hall – Drummond Cove
  • PCYC – 105 Pass St, Wonthella
  • Rigters IGA – 177/179 Durlacher Street.

This project is funded by the Waste Authority through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account and delivered in partnership with the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council, City of Greater Geraldton and MEEDAC.

Remember YOU CAN recycle in Geraldton! Find out more: NARvis webpage.

For additional information, please contact Emma Jackson or call (08) 9938 0104.

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