Polishing Up a Rare Gem

Turquoise is a rare gemstone highly prized for its unique colour and value. No surprises then that the West Australian coast between Guilderton and Pt Denison has adopted this name to reflect these attributes. And now the Turquoise Coast has another valuable gem.

For the past nine years NACC NRM has supported regular information sharing forums for Coastcare Groups of the Turquoise Coast. These community-led events are always a highlight of the Coastcare calendar and attendees come away with a better understanding of the coastal environment and renewed sense of purpose. However, this in turn introduced the new challenge of translating the enthusiasm of a recently capacity-build Coastcare community into strategic on-ground actions. Enter the Coastal Mangers.

With the blessing of the Coastcare community, NACC NRM’s Coastal Team obtained support from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH)’s Coastwest Grants Program to organise the first meeting of the Turquoise Coast Management Group (TCMG). This group, comprising coastal managers – Shires of Gingin, Dandaragan and Coorow, and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservations & Attractions (DBCA) – and representatives of all major Coastcare groups in the corresponding areas, met in early August to thrash out objectives of this new group and how it might function sustainably in this ever-decreasing funding environment in which we find ourselves. It is early days in terms of locking in the latter points but there was no lack of enthusiasm amongst TCMG members to continue.

Ms Tegan Knowles, NACC NRM Coastcare Support Officer, said “I was thrilled with this inaugural meeting and how all stakeholders were fully engaged with the process. A huge amount of information was generated at the meeting and now the challenge lies in distilling this down as the next step in developing objectives and an operational model that will work for everyone in the long term”.

NACC NRM is grateful to Coastwest for providing some start-up funding for this project and also for further support so we can polish up this little gem.

Dr. Michael Payne – Coastcare Support Officer

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