Plenty on the plate for Spring Field Day

Though the spring weather was wetter and colder than expected, it did not dampen the mood with about 170 people attending the annual Mingenew Irwin Group Spring Field Day event.

The day started with the launch of a new noodle wheat variety called ‘Ninja’, bred by Intergrain.  It was revealed that this variety is the highest yielding Australian Noodle Wheat variety, out-performing its main contender, Mace, by 5-6%.

With benefits such as good disease resistance, Ninja had farmers talking and started the day on a high.

Michelle Broom, General Manager of Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council followed on, and presented on the health benefits of legumes.  According to the Council, legumes can reduce the risk of chronic disease by 22%.

Ms Broom explained consumption at present was low across Australia, with the current recommended intake being ½ a cup of cooked legumes twice a week.

NACC’s Carbon Farming Coordinator Sarah Jeffery said: “what a great spring field day with a diverse array of topics and thought provoking discussions.”

The day then followed with local Mingenew farmer and recently awarded Royal Agricultural Society of WA’s Rural Ambassador of the Year, Brad Kupsch, sharing some of his experience with cell grazing.

He found through many failures and successes that cell grazing can work hand in hand with broad acre cropping and be profitable.  A field walk will be held at Brad’s property ‘Tara’ on Friday, 16 September at 2pm.

Peter Newman from Planfarm and Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative spoke about a number of weed management strategies including the Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor, released earlier this year emphasising the importance of having at least one weed management strategy.

The day closed with an interesting (and delicious) presentation from Theo Kalogeracos, also known as ‘The Golden Greek’.

Theo prepared fresh lupin pasta for the crowd to taste, the lupin pasta containing ¼ lupin flour and ¾ plain flour, making it a tasty and nutritional option.

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