Plastic Recycling Project cleans up at WA Waste Awards

The problem of plastic pollution may seem like an infinite one, but thankfully there are plenty of people joining the war on waste and helping to combat the issue.

The Northern Agricultural Catchments Council is one such organisation and its efforts have just been recognised through being awarded the WA Waste Authority’s Infinity Award in the community category in recognition of its Skip the Plastic community recycling program.

These awards are aimed at publicly recognising and encouraging community organisations that demonstrate innovation and commitment to reducing waste and increasing re-use and recycling.

The Skip the Plastic project has helped make plastic recycling accessible to Geraldton residents and ensure that tonnes of plastic has avoided ending up as landfill.  Provision of plastic recycling bins at convenient locations around town combined with community engagement events, posters, marine debris art workshops, themed movie screenings and more have all combined to help make the project a success.

NACC Sustainability Coordinator Emma Jackson recognised the contribution of the project partners and the community.

“This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the City of Greater GeraldtonMeedac Inc and Rip-It Security Shredding and Recyclers, along with the enthusiasm and commitment of the local residents,” she said.

“Community interest and demand for plastic recycling has been a big factor in the success of this project. We would like to thank those who have dropped their plastics off and eagerly attended events to find out more about sustainable practices.”

Some of the plastic milk cartons that have been diverted from landfill.
Some of the plastic milk cartons that have been diverted from landfill.

Find out more about recycling in the NACC NRM region at: www or contact NACC Sustainability Coordinator, Emma Jackson: (e) or (p) 08 9938 0104.

The Reduce your Use and Recycle project is funded by the Waste Authority through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account and will be delivered as a partnership between the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council, the City of Greater Geraldton, and MEEDAC.

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Congratulations is well deserved. What an amazing result & recent media has it that more blue recycling bins have arrived. Next step is education of use of paper bags etc instead of plastic. Check out Sunshine Festival stalls for shopping bag alternatives.

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