Plastic Not Fantastic

Plastic….. how did we ever get by without it? As a mum of three small children I can tell you I would find it hard if plastic was completely excluded from our lives.

But single use plastics are on now the banned list, both at home and at NACC NRM.

As part of NACC’s commitment to plastic-free July, this year we have decided to not just ban single use plastics for July, but NACC is going single-use plastic-free forever. That’s right, we will no longer be using any catering which comes in plastic.

Unfortunately, this does mean no more lollies at NACC events or packaged sweet biscuits.  But since we implemented the ban last month, the team has already come up with some delicious alternatives.

Apart from using washable crockery and cutlery in our kitchen, we are now choosing suppliers who either let us use our reusable containers, take back their reusable containers or who use compostable containers.

We are extremely grateful to the amazing catering providers who have gladly met our request over the last couple of weeks.

There are now hundreds of alternatives to single-use plastics which are easy to access and reuse over and over again. Some of my favourites include:

  • Beeswax wraps: these reusable and washable wraps are a sustainable alternative to cling wrap.
  • Reusable Coffee Cups: did you know most take-away coffee cups are lined with plastic?
  • Fresh produce bags: these produce bags can be used to carry your fruit and vegetables from the supermarket to home saving single use plastic bags. And of course don’t forget your non-plastic shopping bags.
  • Water bottles: there are hundreds of gorgeous water bottles on the market these days in all different sizes and colours. If you can’t stand tap water, consider purchasing your water from somewhere like DLAqua for home or work, the reuse their big water bottles.
  • Bamboo or stainless steel reusable straws: disposable straws are one of the world’s biggest issues when it comes to waste and landfill.

If you want some more inspiration check out the Plastic Free July web page for more great stories about businesses, schools and families ditching single-use plastics.

Don’t forget too, that it is possible to recycle many types of plastics. Get your home or office organised and drop off any plastic that you can’t avoid, to the right recycling venue. The NACC website has some more great information for reducing your use and recycling.

Finally, don’t forget the NACC Waste Free on Wheels trailer for your next event. Contact the NACC office on 9938 0100 to make a booking and reduce your event’s waste footprint.

Warm wishes

Katherine Allen

NACC General Manager

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