Planning for the Protection & Prosperity of our Region’s Assets

NACC NRM has recently developed an Emergency Preparedness & Response Plan for Biodiversity and Agricultural Natural Capital in the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR).  

It’s a bit of a mouthful, but essentially, this plan helps us to protect our region’s natural assets in the event of an emergency scenario. 

Tropical Cyclone Seroja caused devastating impacts on our region, and especially on the farming communities of Northampton, Chapman Valley, Mingenew, Morawa, and Perenjori, where recovery services were limited because of their remote locations. This highlighted a need for action to ensure that our natural and built environments are resilient, and our communities are prepared for future events. 

What defines a natural asset, you ask? 

  • Biodiversity assets are flora, fauna, ecosystems, or landscapes deemed important to preserve during emergencies. 
  • Agricultural assets are the on-farm natural resources that support food and fibre production like soil, air, water, riparian areas, remnant native vegetation, agroforestry, and environmental plantings. 

So, what kind of natural assets are found within our region? 

The NAR covers 7.5 million hectares, stretching across valuable agricultural land and environmental sites. It is home to ~7,480 native plants and animals, approximately 13% of which are endemic to the region. The NAR is located within an internationally recognised global biodiversity hotspot AND contains three of Australia’s national biodiversity hotspots:  

  1. The Geraldton to Shark Bay Sandplains 
  1. Mount Lesueur-Eneabba  
  1. The Central & Eastern Avon Wheatbelt 

Our region also covers the northernmost extent of the productive agricultural zone of WA, contributing significantly to grain and livestock production. 

This plan contributes to safeguarding the future of our region’s many biodiversity and agricultural natural assets, by providing framework to improve the processes of preparing for, responding to, and recovering from an emergency. 

For more information on the Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan, contact NACC NRM’s Programs & Operations Manager Kane Watson.  

E | P (08) 9938 0106 | M 0437 928 136 

NACC NRM is a member of the Commonwealth Regional Delivery Partnership panel and has delivered this plan with funding by the Australian Government Natural Heritage Trust. 

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