#PlacesOfNRM – Wannamal Walk

Travellers through the south of the NACC NRM region are invited to enjoy a trip back in time as they stroll along the 26 site historical Wannamal Walk self-tour, which is dedicated to the pioneer men and women who toiled hard to establish the area.

The first land lease in Wannamal was in 1853, with the townsite being gazetted in 1908. The pioneers settled along the route of the railway, and adjacent area. Railway gangers contributed to the early population of the district, with some of them staying-on in the district and becoming landowners.

For more information, check-out the fantastic information sheet below – supplied by Chittering Landcare and the Shire of Chittering. Or visit www.chitteringlandcare.org.au and www.chittering.wa.gov.au

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