#PlacesOfNRM – Nokanena Brook Reserve

The Nokanena Brook Reserve in Northampton is an environmental management and rehabilitation initiative of the Northampton Environmental Group (NEG).

Revegetation works commenced at Nokanena Brook in 2010 when the site was highly infested with weeds, and little native flora existed.

This revegetation is continuous, and in 2012 NEG secured funding to build an Eco Hut and install educational interpretive signage, information and artwork.

NEG volunteers are extremely dedicated and can regularly be seen weeding, planting and watering in the Reserve. The volunteers are rewarded for their hard work whenever they take a break, and look-out at the brook while drinking a cup of tea in the Eco Hut.

NACC Bushcare Officer Vanessa Brown, who recently met with the group to see the work the volunteers were undertaking, said she was inspired by their dedication and passion, and the amazing amount they had achieved at the site.

“It’s always great to get out into the community and see the hard work being done, she said. “And to see that so many people are involved in conserving, improving and protecting the environment.”

A map showing the location of Nokanena Brook can be found here.

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