#PlacesofNRM: Nilgen Lookout

Nilgen Nature Reserve covers an area of around 5,600 hectares and is located about 22km north of Lancelin. It is the perfect place to stop and break-up a journey along the coast and the area is clearly signed from the main road.

Nilgen Nature Reserve is located about 22km north of Lancelin.
Nilgen Nature Reserve is located about 22km north of Lancelin.

There is a lookout, picnic area, and a short loop trail which is an easy walk of approximately 600m and accessible to all abilities.

Spectacular views of the Indian Ocean can be found at the lookout, and you can take in the beauty of Lancelin Island in the distance.

Nilgen Nature Reserve provides habitat for a number of mammals – including the native Honey Possum. These tiny marsupials reach 7–10g and are protected fauna in Western Australia. They are nocturnal but on cloudy days they can be seen visiting flowers from dawn until dusk. They feed on banksias, bottlebrush, heath, grass trees and kangaroo paws and hold the title as the world’s only true nectivorous (nectar-eating) marsupial. Keep your eyes open and you might spot one!

There are also countless bird species in the region, a number of lizards, as well as amazingly diverse flora.

If you are spending a little longer in the region and have a kayak or small boat, then Lancelin Island itself is worth a visit. It is about 600 metres from the mainland and is an easy trip when the sea conditions are calm. There are great snorkelling spots on the western side of the Island which are accessible by a walking track.

Please remember to stick to the paths in the nature reserve to prevent the spread of dieback.

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