#PlacesOfNRM – Loveland for Wildlife

Loveland for Wildlife is a sanctuary that adjoins the Hill River Nature Reserve approximately 24 kilometres inland from Jurien Bay.

The sanctuary, situated on 300 hectares and overseen by a band of dedicated carers, is home to a wonderful collection of native animals including marsupials, birds (including seabirds and waterbirds) and reptiles.

The carers volunteer their time, bringing unique skills and experience while caring for animals that have come from all over the region, including recently from Moora, Dalwallinu, Dandaragan, Badgingarra, Wubin, Cervantes and Leeman, to name just a few.

The sanctuary relies solely on volunteers, donations, and the support of members. Volunteering comes in many forms – such as public relations; fundraising; transporting animals to and from the vet (sometimes in Geraldton), or to other carers; cleaning; sewing joey pouches and bags; building enclosures; and helping look after the animals.

For more information and to find out how you can volunteer at Loveland for Wildlife, please visit https://www.lovelandforwildlife.com/

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