#PlacesOfNRM – Geraldton Universities Centre

The Geraldton Universities Centre is an independent, not-for-profit, incorporated body, supporting university courses in Geraldton on behalf of partner universities including Central Queensland University and the University of Southern Queensland.

NACC is proud to work with the Centre, having supported their Open Day during the 2017 Goodness Festival and provided teaching support for some of the environmental science degrees offered.

Geraldton Universities Centre is the first point of contact in the Mid West for those seeking information on university study and the Centre aims to facilitate, deliver, promote and provide access to university education for people residing in the region.

The GUC was reconstituted in 2010 to form an independent structure which has led to the Centre operating under three guiding principles.

GUC strives to utilise the best possible technology for high quality online experiences, ensure that the programs delivered to students provide equity in terms of quality, services and value for money and make certain that the agreements with university partners are mutually beneficial.

With the support of Royalties for Regions funding, Geraldton Universities Centre expanded its infrastructure and services in order to meet increasing student enrolments.

Since 2011 an expanded range of new courses has been added, providing more opportunity for local study and in 2014 GUC opened a stage 2 building, doubling classroom capacity.


More information can be found at http://www.guc.edu.au/

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