#PlacesOfNRM – Dynamite Bay

Dynamite Bay is a stunning bay in Green Head which is sheltered from the strong winds off the coast by a low-lying rocky cliff that circles around the beach.

Dynamite Bay was named Australia’s 19th best beach in 2017 by Tourism Australia’s Beach Ambassadors, and it’s not hard to see why. With calm, protected turquoise waters and soft, white sand – make a day of it, take in the views, and bring along a picnic that can be enjoyed on the sand or grassed area overlooking the beach.

The still waters provide the perfect conditions for snorkelling. Witness the abundant marine life lurking below the surface, including; hard and soft corals, and a diverse range of fish that reside within the bay.

In the 1600’s Dutch traders were the first Europeans known to have visited Green Head and there are quite a few historic shipwrecks strewn along this stretch of reefed coast. It was the same seasonal wild winds then that now attract kite and wind surfers to this special part of Australia.

Take a walk out along the rocky peninsula to watch windsurfers tackling the winds out in the ocean and look back towards the shore for a beautiful photograph of the bay. Cast a fishing line out into the ocean and try and catch your evening meal.

Once better known for crayfishing, like so many quiet and quaint settlements in this region, Green Head now attracts the weekend escapees from Perth and the roving beachcomber looking to swim or fish in the turquoise hues of such a marine rich zone. Others prefer to simply have a picnic and relax.

Green Head is a charming coastal town three hours drive northwest of Perth along the Indian Ocean Drive. Dynamite bay is a short 15 minute walk or two minute drive from the town centre. A car park is available at the bay.

Information source: Australia’s Coral Coast, from www.101bestbeaches.com

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Stoped here for lunch on way to Perth when my family last visited from USA. thanks to David’s use of road maps which identified this terrific spot.
Increased signage on Indian Ocean drive as amazing place to enjoy would increase tourism for our amazing costal places to visit

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