#PlacesofNRM – The Moresby Range

The Moresby Range is an ancient landscape feature, formed some 50 million years ago and their unique shape makes for interesting viewing. A fantastic view of the Range can be seen from Mills Lookout on Chapman Valley Road, and along the North West Coastal Highway.
Photo credit: Serena Schewtschenko

The Moresby Range was once a seabed built up from sediment deposits over millions of years. Fossils from this ancient seabed can be found in various places in the Range. Over time the sea level has changed frequently, leaving the old seabed as an elevated rocky plateau bordered by the sand plain and dune systems to the west of the Range. This plateau has been eroded by streams following fault lines in the rock, creating the characteristic mesa style, flat top hills.

The landscape is complex in the northern part of the Range, with a number of creek lines cutting the foothills that rise towards the main part of the Range. These creek lines have also created a number of small peaks around the Wokatherra Gap and the Buller River. This landscape, particularly when viewed from the North West Coastal Highway, looks highly textured and visually interesting with the Range forming a majestic backdrop. There are numerous areas of significant biodiversity provided by both the remnant vegetation and the landform that add to the tapestry of the landscape.

The land in the Range is currently all privately owned, with the exception of a parcel of land on the western side of Wokatherra Hill that is managed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions as a Nature Reserve. This means although the Range it is not open to the public, it is well worth the drive to experience this magnificent backdrop, and to take some breathtaking photos.

Information source: Shire of Chapman Valley

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