#Places of NRM – Petrudor Rocks

The incredible Petrudor Rocks are located southeast Dalwallinu and can be found along the gravel-surface Petrudor Rock Road, 33 kilometres east of Pithara.
Photo credit: Letmebefreeblog

Petrudor Rocks have long been a popular destination as the granite rock formations collect fresh water into rock-pools during times of rain. The area is a pleasant natural reserve and features a plethora of natural flora and fauna. It’s a wonderful picnic spot, and a great place to see wildflowers during Spring.

Petrudor Rocks is thought to have been a valuable resting place for Aboriginal people and early European explorers and travellers. It was used prior to the 1930s Depression by farmers for stock water, and has long been a recreational area for community members.

This is a free campsite, however other than wood-fired barbeques, there are no facilities and travellers and visitors need to be self-sufficient.

Information source: Heritage Council, Shire of Dalwallinu, Let Me Be Free Blog.

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