#Places of NRM – Dalwallinu Woodlands Walk

Dalwallinu is a sheep and wheat farming town located 250km north of Perth along the Great Northern Highway.

Situated within a conservation reserve in the southwest corner of the townsite is the Dalwallinu Woodland Walk. This reserve covers approximately 75 hectares of bushland, and is home to a number of glorious Eucalypts such as Gimlet (Eucalyptus salubris) and Yorrell (Euclayptus yilgarnensis).

Visitors can enjoy a relaxing stroll along the Woodland Walk trail and look for and listen to an array of local wildlife including the Spiny-Cheeked Honeyeater (Acanthagenys rufogularis), Major Mitchells Cockatoo (Cacatua leadbeateri) and the Red Wattlebird (Anthochaera carunculata).

Source: Shire of Dalwallinu and NatureMap


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