#Places of NRM – Camel Soak

The surroundings at Camel Soak provide an excellent spot to sit down for a picnic and enjoy the site’s natural beauty, tranquil scenery, and unique vegetation.

Camel Soak is located 47 kilometres east of Perenjori, just off the Perenjori-Rothsay Road, and has a range of facilities, including toilets, BBQs, and camping areas available to use.

This site is dominated by a beautiful granite outcrop and catchment, also known as The Rock Hole, where men and their camel teams camped while working-on the No 2 Rabbit Proof Fence from 1903 to 1905, or stopped to take in a much-needed drink while travelling along the fence-line.

Forming part of the Perenjori-Rothsay Heritage Trail, Camel Soak is one of many stops that travellers can make along this self-drive tour. The heritage trail can take anywhere from three hours to a full day to complete, depending on just in how much of a rush the traveller is.

Source: Australia’s Golden Outback, and Shire of Perenjori.

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