#Places of NRM – Greenough Wildlife and Bird Park

Want to immerse yourself in native Australian wildlife? To get up-close and personal with kangaroos, dingoes, snakes and an array of beautiful birds?

Then all of these fabulous animals await your visit, just a short 20 kilometre drive south of Geraldton at the Greenough Wildlife and Bird Park.

The Park is a privately-owned haven – where rescued and rehabilitating Australian wildlife can rest and recuperate.

It has been operating for 30 years with the owners conducting animal releases whenever possible. Fortunately however, in those circumstances when an animal is rescued but can no longer be released, it is able to live a long and full life relaxing within the Park.

Visitors can take-in the beautiful surroundings, and experience a personal encounter with many of the different animal inhabitants.

The Park staff work to educate visitors about the animals that live in the local bush, and also run an educational reptile show – pitched at both children and adults. This education, plus the hands-on experience with the animals, is what gives the park a wonderful atmosphere that all visitors truly enjoy.

Source: Greenough Wildlife and Bird Park

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