Pitch perfect – hitting all the right notes

All it took was a sweet tune and a pitch in the right direction.

This one in particular, was an unusual pitch to fund a trailer for NACC’s Coastal and Marine program, and it was a huge success, having raised about $1200.

As part of the Goodness Festival’s Gero Soup event, Mic and Wendy Payne took to the stage in hopes of raising enough money to purchase a Coastal Education trailer.

People with interesting and innovative project ideas had the opportunity to pitch their idea to an audience, who in turn could donate funding towards their idea.

Mic Payne, NACC’s Coastal and Marine Program Coordinator, made a pitch for a purpose-built trailer containing displays and resource material for promoting coastal and marine conservation.

“The Coastal and Marine Program has been seeking funding for this trailer for some time, so when we heard about Gero Soup, we though why not?” Mic said.

“I have always been a keen guitar player and occasional songwriter, so it seemed like an ideal opportunity to put together a pitch in the form of a song.

“This trailer will be used to take the message out to schools and community events.”

How did they win the crowd over?

“By taking a very well-known song and replacing the lyrics with the pitch message and a little humour, it was fairly straightforward, although practising the song until it was “performance ready” took more time,” Mic said.

“I was fortunate that I could call on Wendy to accompany me on shakers and harmony, and on the evening of the pitch we persuaded Phil to stick around and provide some percussion on the empty guitar case.”

And the result?

“Well, we couldn’t believe the response we got,” he said.

“We pitched for $1200 to buy a new trailer and we got it! I hardly know how to express how grateful I am to the generous sponsors who pledged funds to help us develop this project, thank you all so much.

“Once purchased, further funding will be sought to fit out the trailer with a canopy to house all the display material and a new paint job.

“It could mean another song…”

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